Put your lightning in a bottle
. . .it's called a Folio.

Aggregate rich content in a new and useful way.

With a Singlestep™, create a web presence and a mobile app.

Access anything that matters, in a instant. . . even while offline!

  • Create Folios for yourself, your team, your friends, or for the world.
  • Access the important things in seconds, on a desktop or in a pocket. . . even while offline. Templates get you started quickly.

  • Produce masterpieces with drag and drop simplicity. No skills necessary.
  • Visually organize PDFs, videos, music, audio, and many other document types in ways that encourage viewers to interact and engage. Add custom thumbnail images to beautify and attract.

  • Avoid "piles of files".
  • Organized, styled, and branded collections of your most important stuff are far more useful and interesting than boring old cloud storage boxes, sharing points and email folders.

  • Add tags and set metadata to anything for instant access when needed.
  • Search and filter by tags, subject matter, author, date. . . your choice.

  • View detailed analytics.
  • See how people are interacting with all your goods, down to fine granularity.

Fast and easy

  • Add popular document types in the exact order you want them to be viewed. PDFs, videos, images, music, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, audio, and more. . .
  • Perfect your masterpiece with FolioComposer™, with its easy to use styling and branding editors.
  • Share with your selected audience for use. . . online and offline.
  • When changes happen, push notifications let everyone know.
  • Every Folio has built-in instant messaging chat discussions for team collaboration and communications.

Take that "pile of files" and make it organized and beautiful. Make it a Folio.


Leading organizations are more effective and efficient with MediaFolio.

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