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First of all, thank you for considering MediaFolio.

Why do we require a credit card for a free account?

At this point in our evolution we need to limit entry to serious users. A credit card helps protect us and our community from bots, spammers, and the like. We will not charge your card in any way for your free account. We don’t store your card info ourselves. We entrust it to Braintree payments, the solution used by Dropbox, GitHub, Uber, Yelp, and thousands of other well known businesses.

If you decide to upgrade to any of our premium services, only then will your card be used, and only with your explicit permission. At any point you may cancel your free subscription and your card will be immediately removed from the system.

We created MediaFolio to solve real-world problems that we face every day. There is simply too much digital information in our lives and no great tool to help organize, share, protect, and quickly put our finger on it.

MediaFolio has become my go-to app for every day tasks. I use it for quick access to things I'm planning, creating, and sharing, privately or publicly, with my associates and friends. With MediaFolio, I can organize my artistic creations, music, art, audio, and electronics. I manage projects like my home improvements, car maintenance, travel, organizing my kid, etc. It's become the lifeblood of my business for organizing, documenting, training, communicating. . . the sky is the limit.

All my digital stuff is now on my mobile phone, where I have quick, offline access when I need it. My important things are always in my pocket. Or in the pocket of all the someone's with whom I've shared my Folios. It becomes my privately curated space for documents, videos, and music that I can share with each/all of you.

Again, thanks for considering MediaFolio. You can find some helpful tutorials here. We look forward to learning all the various ways you find it to be useful. . . and maybe even necessary.

Mark Lacas - CEO/Founder
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